See beauty of Prague from photographer’s perspective on photo walks!

On our photo walks in Prague you will be photographing places which can be notoriously known or completely unknown to ordinary tourists. Our photo instructor will show you interesting perspectives and angles that you can make fresh footage of Prague city. The photo walks are held mornings and afternoons to have the tender light. The walk can be leaded also at night to get night shots. The photo walks are more like photography workshops then interpretation of history. Photo walk takes several hours or full day. We meet in your hotel lobby. The tour ends in your hotel lobby or in the city centre if you choose to stay there.


Small groups

No photographer wants to have in the view another photographers hence we keep the group size up to 6 persons.

Experienced instructors

You will be guided with experienced instructors in the field of photography. You can choose male or female instructor according to your preferences.

Photography themes

We love to adjust the photo walks to your own personal interest expectations: Fine Art, close ups, architecture, abstract, cityscape, long exposure, interiors, street life, night, transportation  or just overall city. This makes every photo walk the unique one. Write your preferences in the inquiry.
  • Street at night in Prague

  • Charles Bridge at night in Prague

  • View of Prague at night

  • St Vitus cathedral, Prague

  • Photograph of Prague castle at night

Individual approach

We emphasize individual approach on your personal likes, needs and expectations. We welcome inquiries regarding to the photography.

Learning structure

During photo walk you will learn to photograph various subjects by using basic design elements such lines, shapes, forms, textures, colour and design. We will advice you how to shoot with proper lighting and unusual perspectives, using different focal length lenses.

Level of experience

The workshop is designed for both beginners and advanced photographers. Everything is adapted to participants needs. Somebody needs to improve in technical control of camera. Somebody does not care about technical perfection and rather focus on image composition. Another one just need to be at the right time at the right place. We respect the way of creation and are ready to help you with tips and tricks.


Prague is small capital in Europe which has a lot to offer. All architectural jewels are within walking distance or a couple of tram stops. This is an eco-friendly tour and we use public transportation if necessary. During our photo walks you will see both must-to-see places and also places still rarely visited.

Panoramic Prague

Duration: 3 hours


Are you early bird loving morning twilight? This photo walk is for you! We will walk in the area of Petrin hill (mostly walking down the hill) which hides many beautiful spots to be photograph in the tender morning light. We do not miss old timber framed church, Loreta, Prague Castle and walk down the royal route to the Charles Bridge.

Mysterious Prague

Duration: 3 hours


Come with us to walk and photograph the aisles of the Old Town in Prague. The Old town of Prague is subject of many stories and mystery. This photo walk is focused on Street life and medieval architecture in the city centre around Old Town Square.

Night photo walks

Duration: 3 hours


Night is perfect time when to shoot “manual mode”. This photo walk is designed for all of you who need to learn and/or improve your photography skills of night photography. You will learn about Av, Tv and M or A, S, M on your camera, about light painting, how to avoid digital noise and get many advises.

All prices include tuition and taxes. The prices do not include entrance fees, meals, transportation.


Bohemian paradise photo tour

We would like to take you to photograph the picturesque landscape of Bohemian Paradise. Romantically attractive countryside with sandstone rocks, deep forests and rural architecture of timbered or half-timbered houses creates extraordinary harmony.

Time: beautiful in every season

Length: full day photo trip

Price: USD 190 per person

min. 2 people


  • photo guide
  • transportation
South Moravia photo tour

If you are fond of wine tasting, South Moravia is exactly where you need to be – it has a quaint charm as you can see from the vineyards and rolling hills. There are ample opportunities for amazing photography in the countryside. For instance, you can get some excellent shots of beautiful yellow rapeseed fields. I also arrange for you to see the wonderfully painted wine cellars, where you can taste local wine and gorge on delicious meals.

photo tour south moravia

Time: beautiful in every season

Length: full day photo trip

Price: USD 290 per person

min. 2 people


  • photo guide
  • transportation
  • As a long time trainer and photographer it’s easy for me to recognize the passion and dedication it takes to be an inspirational educator and creative photographer…Tim has these qualities in abundance.

    Ric Kasnoff
  • Tim has a great eye, a real feel for light and shadow, and a knack for getting that “special” shot.

    Rocky Kirschner
  • Tim is the photographer you are looking for.

    Juan Pablo Blanco
  • I have been a fan of Tim’s for a couple of years now. If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime and you happen to enjoy photography…you should really go on one of his photography tours. I so look forward to the day that I get to experience one myself!

    Lisa Ann Krutzik
  • Tim is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast.

    Coral Grogg
  • I am very happy to recommend Tim and his work. His landscape photography is simply beautiful. Tim’s appreciation of light, composition and his ability to capture the moment is exquisite; with the results on his site speak for themselves.

    Tim Bilsborough
  • I have never used Tim, but I can say his photography is wonderful, and he is very talented. He has shown the places he travels in the most beautiful of light.

    Sharon Hahn
  • Tim has everything, he has the knowledge, the eye, the patience, he is an amazing photographer, one of the best I know. A great person and professional photographer. Highly recommended he is just amazing.

    Elizabeth Halloran
  • Tim is a detail-oriented photographer who watches carefully the equilibrium between style, concept value and technical quality in a way that very few photographers do today.

    Alfonso Gutierrez
  • Tim has a terrific eye, and creates memorable photographs ranging from the serenely beautiful to in-your-face stunning. Moreover, he is always gracious and generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

    Jack Johnson
  • Tim Vollmer has in all areas been a professional partner for us, and we recommend him to anyone who needs a good photographer, assistance with photography, guide or leader of a workshop.

    Mads Nordlund


00420 732 348 491

Luční 118, 267 01 Králův Dvůr, Czech Republic

Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 17.30

Photo Walks Prague are run by professional photographer Tim Vollmer, who does business under the Trade Act of the Czech Republic under number 03255191, tax number is CZ683523520.

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